We at Penarth Taxi Airport offer transport to educational institutions in London and the surrounding areas. Getting your child to and from school on time is essential. Unfortunately, life and work sometimes get in the way and make this impractical. Why not delegate the responsibility of your daily journey to Penarth Taxi Airport? Our aim has always been to keep commuting in our towns and cities efficient and safe. In the past, Penarth Taxi Airport has delivered transport to schools, nurseries and institutions supporting special educational needs. We make sure that all of our drivers have gone through a stringent screening process and have received comprehensive training before we embark on any school-run trips.

Choosing school run transport with us provides convenience, reassurance, and peace of mind for parents and legal guardians. We have implemented a variety of additional safety and hygiene precautions to protect travelers on their journeys to and from educational facilities. This includes advising drivers and passengers to keep their faces covered inside the vehicle and telling passengers to sit in the back. You can get more details about our safety measures here. Call us to set up your school run or to talk about your requirements. In order to fit your schedule, we can set up recurrent transport for your school run or reserve it as needed. We can also take care of any concerns you might have about transport.

Please fill out the form given to make a reservation with Penarth Taxi Airport or call us at 02921052060 to speak with one of our friendly agents.

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